Saturday, October 30, 2010

Plot Involving Suspicious Packages

Key Points from the NYPD
  • Since Thursday night, law enforcement officials identified two suspicious packages addressed to two synagogues in Chicago. 
  • Initial reports indicate that the packages contain explosive material. Forensic analysis is underway. 
  • The packages were discovered in Dubai and East Midlands Airport in the United Kingdom. 
  • Cargo planes at Newark International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport originating in Yemen were searched for similar suspicious packages. 
  • Media reports indicate that one woman was arrested in Yemen on suspicion of mailing the packages and that authorities are searching for others.
Implications for New York City 
  • The NYPD is working closely with our federal partners in the intelligence community to investigate this incident. 
  • At this time, there is no known specific threat to New York City connected to this incident. 
  • The NYPD recommends that all New Yorkers remain vigilant. 
  • In the event a suspicious package is found, call 911 and do not handle it.
Implications for the Jewish community
  • There are no known additional specific threats to Jewish institutions at this time.
  • Jewish institutions continue to be targeted by those wishing to attack the United States.
  • Jewish communal institutions should review their security precautions and ensure continued vigilance, both for mail and direct threats.
  • Jewish communal institutions and known leaders should be suspicious of any packages from unknown senders. Terrorists know how to adapt. Do not assume that bombs only come from Yemen. 
  • In the event a suspicious package is found, do not handle it and call 911. Be prepared to evacuate your building.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Yemen package alert requires increased vigilance

The JUF in Chicago issued an alert to Jewish institutions to be on the alert for suspicious packages that might be coming via UPS, FedEx, or by other means.The warning comes after a suspicious package, which contained a "manipulated" toner cartridge, was found Thursday night on a Chicago-bound cargo plane from Yemen, according to CNN. This incident is ongoing.
Organizations should review their mail procedures.It is likely that this incident was merely a test and those behind it will vary their methodology. Don't assume that you have to suspect certain senders or mail from specific countries. Everyone opening mail should be wary of mail coming from unknown senders, especially those overseas
Jewish organizations should increase their vigilance, in general. If you suspect that you received a suspicious package, call 911 immediately.
Feel free to contact the JCRC if you need additional information on mail screening.

Monday, October 18, 2010

JCRC-NY applauds conviction in Riverdale synagogue bombing case

The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York salutes the work of the prosecutors who won the conviction of four men who plotted to bomb two synagogues in Riverdale and shoot down a plane at the Stewart Air National Guard Base.  The conviction was based on the stellar work of the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, led by the New York Office of the FBI and the NYPD.  We are grateful to all of them.

The evidence presented at trial was shocking, in that it demonstrated the visceral anti-Semitism of the defendants. We had no doubt that, given the opportunity, the defendants intended to destroy houses of worship and to kill and maim scores of Jews, soldiers and others. We are fortunate that our law enforcement agencies continue to be vigilant and were able to interrupt the defendants before they committed a heinous act.