Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hurricane Earl may visit: Are you ready?

As of this posting, Hurricane Earl is a Category 4 storm in the Caribbean. Forecasters predict that Earl will move up the East Coast and pass 100-200 miles off of Montauk as a Tropical Storm on Friday night/Saturday morning (see Shabbat tips below). The heavy wind and rains increase the likelihood of flooding, fallen trees, blocked roads and power outages, especially on Long Island. 

For more information (including an overview and NY area historic patterns and conditions), view an excellent presentation by I. Ross Dickman, Meteorologist-in-charge, NOAA's National Weather Service, New York, NY office.

The JCRC-NY recommends:
  • Be informed. Broadcast and print media are doing a good job, but storms can be unpredictable. Pay attention to the updates. For preparation planning tips, see information from NYC, Nassau (including evacuation routes), Suffolk and Westchester.
  • Plan and Prepare. 
  • Remember Shabbat. The storm forecast coincides with Shabbat which may require additional preparatory steps: 
    • Reach out to local officials. If you have special concerns over Shabbat (see below), discuss them with your local police of fire officials. 
    • Make decisions before the storm. The Orthodox Union issued Shabbat Protocols in Case of a Hurricane, written by Rabbi Kenneth Brander (now of Yeshivah University) with thanks to Rabbi Hershel Schachter for his guidance. While these protocols are an excellent guide to the issues of concern, consult with appropriate rabbinical authorities about specific guidance regarding the expected conditions of the upcoming storm.

Monday, August 23, 2010

View "Keeping your High Holiday Services Safe and Secure" webinar materials

The presentation by NYPD Director of Intelligence Analysis Mitch Silber on the evolving al-Qaeda threat and its potential impact on the Jewish community is considered confidential by the NYPD and not available.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Protect yourself and your community from West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus has been found in all five boroughs during this mosquito season (June through October) So far this year; four New York City residents have been diagnosed with West Nile virus. 

West Nile virus is spread to people by infected mosquitoes.  Protecting yourself from mosquito bites is the best way to avoid West Nile virus.  Persons over 50 are at an increased risk for severe disease if they become infected. 

Click on the links for a Health Bulletin about protecting yourself and your community against West Nile Virus and a flyer specific to how to protect yourself from mosquito bites.  Please share these widely within your communities, with a special focus on getting this information out to those who are over 50.   

For further information on West Nile virus call 311, or visit www.nyc.gov/health/wnv.